You’ve got questions and at The Porch Factory we’ve got answers! Refer to our most frequently asked questions below and if your question still isn’t answered, just contact us! We want to help you and make sure that you understand what your needs are!

What are the benefits of having a screen enclosure?
1. Enclosures provide a barrier for children and pets and depending on the kind of enclosure, such barrier can be considered a safety barrier. Of course, no barrier can take the place of adult supervision but a screen enclosure is the first line of defense.
2. Screen enclosures keep out leaves, grass, and other yard debris. Your porch or pool will stay cleaner under the protection of a screen enclosure.
3. Screen enclosures help to keep out bugs. Nothing spoils a nice Florida day or night than bugs. A screen enclosure allows you to enjoy the outdoors while keep the bugs at bay. Look for tighter weaves to keep the smallest of inspects from ruining your enjoyment.

Do I have to have a concrete patio already?
No! We can provide you with a concrete deck with or without decorative spray deck patterns and a paver deck as well. All fall within the scope of our Florida Contractor’s license. You do not need several contractors to complete your home improvement or repair. The Porch Factory can handle the whole project for you. We make it easy!

What is the cost?
We provide a FREE no-obligation consultation and can provide you with a written quote of an outdoor area that will fit your needs AND your BUDGET.

How long does installation take?
Depending on the scope of your project, installation can take anywhere from 3 days to 8 weeks. Repairs, fill-in porches and items that do not need a permit can be done as quickly as the next business day but most of the time within 1 week. Jobs that do need a permit and engineering can take from 5 to 8 weeks. Building and installing your job typically happens within a week of us receiving your permit from the building department, the remaining time would be wait times from engineering and the building departments.

What kind of warranty does The Porch Factory provide?
The Porch Factory provides a 2 year warranty with every job completion.

Can you work without a permit?
We do not work without proper permitting. You, as the homeowner, are opening yourself up to liability with the local building departments for any work done without proper permitting. Not obtaining the required permit(s) could prove very costly if the work was installed incorrectly or the building department requires it to be taken down and reconstructed.

Do I have a choice on color?
Yes, you can choose from bronze or white aluminum. There is no price difference!
Pavers and concrete have multiple colors to choose from and can be hand-picked for your project!

Can my existing screen room be extended?
Yes! In most cases we can extend a screened patio or porch, leaving the existing structure and adding to it. To be certain, a Porch Factory representative will visit your home and inspect the existing structure.

Can I do the work myself?
There are portions of the work we do that a homeowner could self-perform, however, the proper permits would still have to be acquired from the local building department.

Who designs my screen enclosure?
Every screen room and sunroom we build is engineered by a Florida State Licensed firm.

Are there different kinds of screen?
Yes, there are several screen choices. Typically screen rooms are done with 18/14 screening – standard bug screen.

Other screen choices include:

• 20/20 mesh – no-see-um screens.
• Better View Screen
• Super Screen
• Pet Screen

Is there any maintenance we should do on our screen room?
Keep your screen enclosures clean by pressure washing the aluminum. Any rusty screens that are holding your enclosure together and/or to the ground should be replaced. From time-to-time you need to ensure that all bracing is in good shape and that the cables are tight so that they work. Check door closers and latches regularly to ensure that they are in good working order.

What wind speed is a screen room designed to withstand?
The Porch Factory designs each job based upon the specific wind zone that your home falls within. Our engineers will complete a calculation based on your actual address.

Should I cut my screens during a Hurricane?
Yes, you should cut screens so that the wind can easily blow through your screen room. The wet screen acts like a sail in the wind and this can cause your screen enclosure to blow down.

Is there anything we can do to protect our screen during a hurricane?
Good question! We can do a free inspection and provide you with a list of items that you might need to do to strengthen or keep your enclosure in good shape.