Glass Enclosure

glass-enclosureThe Porch Factory offers the option of a glass enclosure often referred to as a sunroom. A glass enclosure allows you to enjoy the view of outdoor living while avoiding the exposure to Florida’s heat.

The Porch Factory installs glass enclosures to provide homeowner’s with a unique indoor space with an outdoor feel. Glass enclosures let in an abundant amount of light. Homeowner’s who have added glass enclosures have commented on the refreshing effect they feel when the glass enclosure is added, that it is being inside but feeling like you are outside! Known by many other names such as a Florida rooms, sun porch and sunrooms, glass enclosures of these types not only adds functional and affordable extra living space but increases the value of your home too.

The Porch Factory provides you the opportunity to use a glass enclosure all year round, so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about Florida’s unpredictable weather or insects.

It is important to remember that not all glass enclosures are created equal. Patio sunroom enclosures are custom-designed not only to your specifications, but also to the most rigorous standards for safety and energy efficient. The roof is a key component of any glass enclosure, Florida room, sunroom, or screen enclosure. When planning your room, we’ll keep in mind the overall look, design and structure of your home and roof.

The Porch Factory can assist you in surrounding yourself with an addition of a glass enclosure to your home. Choose from acrylic, single pane, tinted, double pane, insulated, impact or non-impact. You can be confident that The Porch Factory will provide your new glass enclosure with the best in:

• Custom design glass enclosure
• Energy efficiency sunroom
• Strength
• Safety
• Florida’s hurricane code
• Weather protection
• Matching architecture
• Every day can be a vacation!