Screened Doors



Screened Doors

Enhance your homes curb appeal by having The Porch Factory install screened doors! Keep your doors open and let the outside breeze in! Save on air conditioning without worrying about bugs and debris.

The Porch Factory can screen the front entry or front porch of your house to protect it from insects while keeping children and pets inside when you open the front door. A screened front door is usually a small enclosure with an aluminum frame available in either Bronze or White color. You can choose from a single screened door or double doors for easier access and custom screened doors for a more unique and refined look. Custom size or hard to fit entries are no problem for The Porch Factory. Many screened doors are made on site at your home, while some are special order screened doors. All screen doors are guaranteed to fit. The Porch Factory installs hundreds of doors each year and can make the necessary adjustments for unique installation applications. The Porch Factory provides a wide variety of screen doors, styles and colors each installed with professional service, warranty and guarantee.


Retractable Screened Doors

Only want a screened door some of the time? Now you can have an invisible or disappearing retractable screen doors from The Porch Factory. Retractable Screen Door systems are perfect for door openings where you want seasonal control or need insect protection. Retractable screen doors apply vertical technology constructed of lightweight aluminum. Retractable screen doors are made to protect the screen cloth when not in use and can be made to fit almost any household doorway including: single doorways, double French doorways, and sliding patio doorways that can be fitted for a retractable screen door. Choose from a variety of colors to match your home’s decor. After The Porch Factory helps you match the proper retractable screen door to your home, we will customize and install your retractable screen door with accuracy, guarantee and warranty! Contact us for more information on the retractable screened doors that are available, and get the perfect screen door for your home and lifestyle!
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Remember: “Enclose it, so you can use it!”


Motorized Retractable Screens

The Porch Factory installs both interior and exterior power screens with a modern look and energy-efficient benefits. With your personal remote control, you can engage your power screens to not only reduce glare and heat; the power screen can provide instant privacy. Power screens are available in a variety of colors and are all custom cut and installed.

At the touch of a button, you can expand your outdoor living space, reduce sunlight, create privacy and deter pests, all by remote control.