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We get this question all of the time.  It’s not like people don’t know what a screen enclosure is or what it can do for them.  But they are concerned about what it will look like on their particular home.

Below is a picture of a home with what is clearly a “porch area” with no enclosure.  The homeowner was a bit hesitant about an enclosure but when they realized that they couldn’t enjoy their porch when they got home from work because of the Florida bugs, well a screen enclosure became a lot m0re palatable.


Below is a picture of the same home, after we installed a screen enclosure.

After the project was complete the owners wondered why they had hesitated.  They had visions of the enclosure competing with the look of the home.

We do things a little different at The Porch Factory.

1.  We make things look “right.”  What you’ll notice that the enclosure looks like it has always been there.  We did not disrupt their grass, we did not leave gashes in the adjoining walls, and we followed the existing roof line.

2.  We preserve your view.  In some screen enclosures, the bottom portion of the screened “walls” are metal or a thicker more opaque screen fabric.  In this case, we made the entire “wall” the same screening so that the homeowner did not feel more closed in.  There are instances in which you’ll not want this, but realize that, subject to your local codes, we can create a screened enclosure to fit your preferences.

3.  We plan the door placements for aesthetics and efficiency.  Note how the door leading from the enclosure to the yard is placed directly in front of the sliding glass doors.  This is done on purpose so that the traffic in your home flows properly.  If you have a large family, entertain a lot, or go in and out a lot, you’ll appreciate our careful placement of our screened doors.

But there’s one more thing that you should take note of.  Look at the furniture in the screened enclosure.  The homeowner told us that they are now “living outside.”  They go out to their screened enclosure in the mornings to drink their coffee and later again in the afternoon for an after-work cocktail.  They finally have the ability to use that porch space to enhance the enjoyment of their home.

If you are like many of our clients that are concerned with how their home will look like from the outside, rest assured that we will work hard to meet your expectations.   Your home and/or preferences may be more complicated than this example, and that’s fine.  We’ll be honest and give you our best advice.  Let’s talk about your needs.

Meanwhile, a few years ago we put an ad in the newspaper that showcased this home.  We call it “the naked house” ad.  It’s cute and funny and got a  lot of attention.  Check it out here for a few laughs.