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Together we made the plans and now the work is complete. Your screen enclosure is a valuable addition to your home, providing an outdoor living space that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while being shielded from harsh elements. However, without proper maintenance, your enclosure can be susceptible to wear and tear, potentially leading to costly repairs or even replacements.

That’s why we offer our comprehensive Screen Enclosure Maintenance Program – designed to safeguard your investment and ensure your enclosure remains in top condition for years to come.

Ask The Porch Factory Representative About Plan Details Which Include Yearly Inspection And Maintenance As Well As First Priority Service.

Annual Screen Enclosure Maintenance Program

Maintain your screen enclosure’s function and appearance with our Annual maintenance Service. Our technicians will inspect and service your enclosure to help keep it operating properly and looking its best

What We Look for

We will make a careful inspection of your enclosure to locate

Loose, torn, or deteriorated screens

Rusty or loose screws

Rusty or loose concrete anchors

Corroded aluminum 1x2s, posts or beams

Testing of door operation

Checking hinges, door closer, and latch

Damaged materials

Checking all window screens on your home while on site. Note: This service is only provided in the annual inspection. We do not offer window screen repair during a normal service call

What WE Fix

Door related issues (including kickplate, hinges, plungers, latches, bug sweeps)

Screen cable retention or replacement

Dek Flo repair or replacement (does not include installation of additional dek flos).

1st screen panel that needs to be replaced. torn, or deteriorated screens, up to 100 square feet.

What Happens Next

Once the inspection is completed the tech will provide you with an estimate of anything found that is not included on the
list above. If you choose to move forward with any of the additional items, please contact our office and we will set up a
new service appointment.


Your investment in the maintenance of your screen enclosure is $249 per year. The fee must be paid in-full and in-advance. No refunds or partial refunds are given for any unused services.

Liability: While every effort is made to accurately identify and address issues during the inspection, The Porch Factory shall not be held liable for any unforeseen damages or deficiencies.

Termination: Either party reserves the right to terminate this agreement in the event of a material breach by the other
party, with written notice of such breach and a reasonable opportunity to cure.

Non-Transferrable: This agreement is non-transferrable to new property owners

First Priority Service: Maintenance Program Customers receive First Priority Service during the contract term. A Great Experience for Every Customer, Every Time!

Service Limitations: This agreement covers maintenance and repair services within the specified scope only. Any
enhancements or modifications beyond this scope will require separate agreement and payment.

Scheduling: The customer agrees to provide access to the property for scheduled maintenance appointments. Failure
to do so may result in rescheduling and may incur additional charges.

Governing Law: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida, and any disputes arising out of or related to this agreement shall be resolved through arbitration in St. Lucie County.

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The guys who installed our screen were great! Scott and Dame arrived on time, worked very hard through the day and got the job done. Ours was not a typical enclosure. They said it was one of the more difficult ones they ever had to do but it looks beautiful! They always cleaned up at the end of the day. Always polite and willing to listen to our ideas. This is the third property on which we had a pool screen installed by The Porch Factory.

Joyce K

Homeowner, Google

Well I can't say enough good things about this company. The owner is awesome and the crew was very professional. My pool enclosures is beautiful. Fast, reliable, high quality. Thanks so much for a wonderful job.

Rose M

Homeowner, Google

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